Sex dating in Adelphi

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This policy includes enforcement of Title IX of the Education Amendments ofconsistent with the regulations enacted in Title IX protects people from discrimination based on sex in educational programs or activities that receive federal financial assistance. Title IX states that "no person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance".

Adelphi University will not tolerate discrimination, harassment or retaliation of any form. Adelphi University is proud of its work and academic environment and will strive to maintain a pleasant and collegial environment for employees, students, guests and visitors, all of whom are expected to treat each other with courtesy, consideration and professionalism. With this Policy, the University prohibits not only unlawful discrimination, harassment including sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, stalkingand retaliation, but also discourages other unprofessional and discourteous actions.

Derogatory or inappropriate remarks, slurs, or jokes related to any protected class will not be tolerated. The University will make this Policy available in various and appropriate places on campus and on the University website. Discrimination, harassment including sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, stalking and retaliation are violations of University Policy and of the appropriate standard of conduct required of all persons associated with the University.

The University is committed to preventing, investigating, and remedying violations of this Policy. A violation of any University policy which is motivated by the actual or perceived membership of the victim in a protected class may be investigated, resolved and remedied under this Policy.

Any misconduct related to or coinciding with an investigation into a violation of this Policy may also be investigated under this Policy; however, misconduct found not to be in violation of this Policy will not be subject to the procedures hereunder, but will be resolved and remedied pursuant to the appropriate institutional procedures. While the Code of Conduct will govern complaints regarding misconduct by students, this Policy provides important definitions and other information that is relevant to any member of the community, including students.

This Policy applies to all cases involving allegations of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking that have a reasonable connection to the University, whether the conduct occurred on campus, off campus or while studying abroad. The protections in this policy with regard to the above mentioned cases apply regardless of race, color, national origin, religion, creed, age, disability, sex, gender identity or gender expression, sexual orientation, familial status, pregnancy, genetic predisposition or carrier status, domestic violence victim status, military status or criminal conviction.

When such conduct involves students or employees from two or more institutions, such institutions may work collaboratively to address the conduct, provided that such collaboration complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. Finally, this Policy also applies to events sponsored by other individuals or entities that may take place on any campus or Campus Center or Site of Adelphi University, regardless of whether or not members of the campus community are involved.

The role of universities in the community is to encourage the free flow of thoughts and ideas essential to higher education. This conduct can involve individuals or groups; can occur during one incident or over a series of incidents that in isolation, would not necessarily constitute discrimination or harassment, but can be so by pattern or repetition over time; and can be direct or systemic. Accordingly, all members of the University community should consider how a reasonable person may view their behavior, notwithstanding their intent.

All members of the Sex dating in Adelphi community, including students, faculty, and staff are expected to report all violations of this Policy and assist and cooperate in the application of this Policy, in particular by cooperating in any investigation under this Policy. Any person who knowingly misrepresents the truth, or whose willful action or inaction obstructs the application of these procedures, will be subject to disciplinary action.

These brochures can be found in the handbooks section of our operations site. Reports Involving Minors Adelphi University is committed to the prevention of child abuse. Child abuse includes both the physical and sexual abuse of individuals under the age of eighteen. Adelphi University employees are directed to bring all reasonable suspicions, beliefs and allegations of child abuse immediately to the attention of Public Safety or the Title IX Coordinator, who will then make the appropriate report to the New York State Child Abuse Hotline State Central Register.

Reports can also be made directly to the Child Abuse Hotline at The right to report the incident to the University and be protected by the University from retaliation for reporting the incident. The Sex dating in Adelphi to receive assistance, measures and confidential resources from the University.

The right to emergency access to the Title IX Coordinator or other appropriate official trained in interviewing victims of sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking, who shall be available Sex dating in Adelphi the first instance of disclosure by a complainant to provide information regarding options to proceed, and where applicable the importance of preserving evidence and obtaining a sexual assault forensic examination as soon as possible, and detailing the different standard of proof used in the criminal justice system and that questions regarding the penal law should be addressed to law enforcement or the district attorney.

Such official shall also explain whether they are authorized to offer the complainant confidentiality or privacy and shall inform the complainant of other reporting options. However, even offices and employees that cannot guarantee confidentiality will maintain the privacy of all parties to the greatest extent possible.

Information provided to a non-confidential resource will be relayed only as necessary to the required administrators in order to investigate and seek resolution of the case. The University will evaluate a request for confidentiality or not to act on a complaint in the context of its responsibility to provide a safe and nondiscriminatory environment for all members of the community. Therefore, while absolute confidentiality cannot be promised, the University will treat the concerns of the complainant with sensitivity and respect.

The University will also assist with reasonable academic, housing, transportation, employment and other accommodations requested regardless of reporting choices. Confidential Resources and Support The University encourages all members of the Adelphi community to report incidents related to this policy. However, individuals who are not ready or willing to make a formal report, but still wish to speak with someone can utilize the confidential on-campus resources of the Student Counseling Center, Student Health Services or the Campus Chaplains, as well as off campus mental health providers listed on the University website.

These resources are subject to legal confidentiality obligations that prohibit the release of information without the express consent of the individual. See the handbooks section of our operations site. Amnesty The health and safety of every student at the University is of utmost importance. The University strongly encourages students to report dating violence, domestic violence, stalking or sexual assault to University officials. You may also report online. You may choose to file this complaint form anonymously. The University will comply with all federal, state and local mandates regarding the reporting of crimes to appropriate authorities.

Customer Service Hotline : Making a Report to Sex dating in Adelphi Police A complainant may contact local law enforcement or the State Police directly, whether or not a complaint has been filed with the University. If requested, the University will provide assistance making this contact.

Sex dating in Adelphi

Action pursued through the criminal justice process is governed by the penal law and the criminal procedure law. Timing of the Investigation There is no time limit on when a complaint may be made. The University will conduct an investigation and make all efforts to provide a resolution of the investigation usually within sixty 60 days from the time Sex dating in Adelphi University receives notice.

The sixty 60 day time period does not include the time period for the appeal process. Once Sex dating in Adelphi complaint or notice is received, it will be reviewed and reported to the Title IX Coordinator. Impartial investigator s will then be ased who will conduct an immediate preliminary investigation to determine if this Policy may have been violated.

The investigator s will consider interim action, accommodations for the alleged victim, or other necessary remedial short-term actions. If it is determined that this Policy may have been violated, the University will initiate a prompt, thorough and impartial investigation, including effective remedies deed to end the discrimination, harassment, or retaliation, prevent recurrence and address the effects on the victim and the community.

To ensure a prompt and thorough investigation of a complaint, the complainant should provide as much of the following information as possible:. If the complainant is under the age of eighteen 18 years, and does not attend a post-secondary institution, the parents or guardians of the complainant will be asked to provide consent for the investigation. The investigator s will be ased according to this Section IX based upon who the accused individual might be.

Before an interview of a member of a bargaining unit who has been accused of violating this Policy is conducted, the member will be advised that they are entitled to have a Union representative accompany them to the interview. The investigation will be conducted within a reasonable amount of time and will normally be completed within 60 days.

The investigation shall be conducted in a manner that is adequate, reliable and impartial and may include any of the following:. Interim Measures At any time during the investigation, the investigator s may recommend reasonable interim protections or measures for the parties involved or witnesses. These protections and measures may include, but are not limited to, separating the parties, placing limitations on the parties, no contact orders, suspension, alternative workplace or student housing arrangements, transportation or reasonable academic adjustments. These measures are available regardless of whether a complainant pursues a complaint under this Policy.

When taking such interim measures the University will, to the extent practical, minimize the burden on the complainant. However, a complaint involving sexual assault or physical violence of any kind cannot be resolved through mediation. In either process the evidence to be considered may include: witness statements, information from the informal resolution process if one was conducted, other relevant information, and consideration of known patterns and history evidence.

Each party will be apprised that they may be accompanied by an advisor or union representative if applicable. The Anti-Discrimination Panel, which includes the Title IX Coordinator, is a diverse group of individuals composed of Adelphi employees who have been selected and trained on issues related to this Policy.

Sex dating in Adelphi

Among other responsibilities, each individual of the Anti-Discrimination Panel may assume the following roles:. The Title IX Coordinator will serve as the Coordinator of the Anti-Discrimination Panel and will assure that Panel members do not serve in conflicting roles in the same complaint.

Sex dating in Adelphi

Any panelist subject to accusations under this Policy will also be recused during the resolution of the complaint. The Title IX Coordinator will keep other Panel members informed of recent legal decisions and other related issues, assure that each member has been appropriately trained before assuming active membership on the panel, and update and disseminate the Policy.

This list is subject to change. A complainant who knowingly makes untrue allegations against another member of the University community or third party may be subject to disciplinary action. An inquiry into a false complaint may be considered in a separate complaint and resolved through a separate investigation. Typically, this Policy will be reviewed for possible revision every three years, or as otherwise necessary. Employee records will be maintained for seven years.

Adelphi is not responsible for the content of third-party sites. External sites may have different Privacy and Security policies than Adelphi University. You should review the policies of any third-party website before you provide personal or confidential information.

Go back Continue. You are here:. Back to Policies. Statement of Policy Adelphi University is proud of its work and academic environment and will strive to maintain a pleasant and collegial environment for employees, students, guests and visitors, all of whom are expected to treat each other with courtesy, consideration and professionalism. Individual Speech Guidelines, Including Academic Freedom The role of universities in the community is to encourage the free flow of thoughts and ideas essential to higher education.

Harassment Harassment prohibited by this Policy includes, but is not limited to, conduct which constitutes sexual misconduct or other unwelcome conduct of a sexual nature, which includes unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, or any other visual, verbal, non-verbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature. Harassment prohibited by this Policy also includes dating violence, domestic violence and stalking as defined herein. A single or isolated incident of sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking may create a hostile environment if the incident is sufficiently severe.

The more severe the conduct, the less need there is to show Sex dating in Adelphi repetitive series of incidents to prove a hostile environment, particularly if the harassment is physical. Prohibited Relationships as Sexual Harassment The relationship between faculty and students is central to the academic mission of the University. With respect to sexual, amorous or romantically intimate relations in particular, what might appear to be consensual, even to the parties involved, may in fact not be so, due to the inherent imbalance of power.

Examples Sex dating in Adelphi, but are not limited to: sexual relations between a student and an administrator, coach, advisor, program director, counselor, or professional residential staff member who has oversight responsibility for a student. The University will respond to all reports of prohibited or inappropriate sexual, amorous or romantically intimate behavior.

Sex dating in Adelphi

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Sexual Misconduct (Title IX)